A blog I like: A boundless world -1

“Old age does not make you wise. It makes you older and gives you the chance to be wiser. The former is free, for the later you have to work.”
Emilio Suñé, a teacher of mine, translated.

But today, I am not speaking about me, but about Bud Hennekes, a person that I have discovered through the web, and the blog of wisdom he has built at the age of what? Seventeen years? But to be wise, aren’t you supposed to sport a long beard and live on the peak of a mountain, five miles off Shangri-La?

Nope. Being wise is not knowlegde, but an attitude. Let the slightly edited Bud’s words show what I mean…

“Marco’s death hit me […] extremely hard.
So how does this relate to your personal development? This began a period in my relatively young life I began to question my existence for the first time.
Who was I? Why was I here? What purpose does death serve? What purpose do I serve? What is love? Does God exist?
Then out of nowhere, in an instant, purpose struck.

I was tired of living a life of nothing. Going through the motions , would not do it any for me. I began reading any book I could find. I began listening to any audio tape I could find, in the hope of making a difference.

Life is good yeah? No. I struggled. I became alienated from a few of my good friends. My grades suffered. I became anti-social. I continued to fall.

Yet as I continued to develop myself things began to realign: My friends personal development is hard work. There are no shortcuts. It hurts. But when you begin to live for a life larger than yourself miracles begin to happen.”

What may I say, aren’t you already heading to his blog like an unstoppable crowd of pilgrims. No? Maybe you want to know about his blog first? In a word, he speaks about relationships. Not what the fashionable magazines mean by relationships, but something closer to Martin Buber’s.

Yes, Buber, the Jewish philosopher, the Talmud scholar, the one who made a greater challenge to conventional western thought than Nietzsche -a personal opinion of mine-, the one they don’t teach about in High School, that Buber.

What Bud speaks about is real relationships, and he does not only speak about how to get along with your brother. I bet mothers everywhere would thank Bud for that only. He also speaks about poverty, and when somebody makes that connexion, he knows what he’s speaking about. For in an authentic relationship you want the person for what the person is, not what you can get out of the person, to learn from, not to impose, to walk with and not to guide, to learn and not to teach.

And happiness, not in the version of “Buy this shampoo and you will be happy”, but in the unrelenting attitude of taking the effort to be happy. Every morning, whenever I open my twitter, there’s Bud, cheering me -and all his followers- up. I have ended up wondering how this guy is going to make me smile today. A smile in less than 144 characters. So, if only to follow him, it is a very good idea to join twitter.

So, I am begging you to follow my own advice. Be humble, and learn from a 17 years old. Bud can trade my excess pride into pearls of joy.

(And, no, I’m not affiliated )