About me

0052 MF_645-01538605Hi my name is Kerry Jang (no relation to famous people who have the same name;-)

I’m the one writing what you’re reading. I’m neither counselor nor life coach nor a preachy type. I’m just little ‘ol me, writing what’s on my mind.

I hope you enjoy what you’re reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

When we were about to make a big move, I started this site as a way for family to keep up with the kids and our day-to-day.

It was all going fine, when two things happened. First, I started getting a heck of a lot of site traffic. Second, I heard Heather Spohr’s story about some guy having a photo of her daughter on his hard drive – an innocent photo – along with other not-so-innocent photos of other kids.

I freaked out and shut down the whole operation. Bummer, because I was having so much fun with it.

I got away from blogging for a long time, until I figured that I can do this without really mentioning my kids. Thing is, I’m a stay-at-home mom. Who wants to read that I just put in a load of laundry then drank my lukewarm coffee?

So, I compromised with myself. I decided I wouldn’t leave the kids completely out, but I wouldn’t use their names or photos. And I wouldn’t focus on them (not on the site, anyway. They’re my world, otherwise). Instead, I wrote down a list of things I want for myself and my family then cut the list from, like 500 to 3: to be healthy, to learn everything we can and to be happy. And a blog was born.