And Here I Am, Talking About Basil!

Can you believe it?  I’m worried about a stupid basil plant when THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END?!  Where are my priorities!!

You know what?  If the world is about to end, I’d rather not know about it.  Like, if the End is a surprise party maybe there will be cupcakes or something.  And if there aren’t any cupcakes, I’d rather not waste time fretting about it.  Indeed, I’d rather spend that time finding and eating cupcakes.  Which is ironic, because I really shouldn’t be eating cupcakes at all, because I’m trying to lose weight and all.

Nate, Laura and I are planning to attend our friend’s 1st birthday party on Saturday.  The party is at her mom and dad’s (duh) and is a pool party.  So I’ll be squeezing into the new bathing suit I bought myself last night at Marshalls.  Which means I really, really shouldn’t have cupcakes that might be lying around.  Or that coffee cake from Starbucks this morning.  Or the venti latte (that was at least a skinny!).

On the other hand, if the world ends mid-party on Saturday, no one will care how lumpy I look in that bathing suit.  So in other words: bring on the cupcakes!

Husbands always under-estimate pain

A few months ago, I was sitting on the floor of the family room while Laura played and Nate watched TV.  All of a sudden, Nate launched himself across the room in order to surprise Laura while she played.  Nate landed on my outstretched leg, making my lower leg feel as though it had cracked.  Laura cracked up at Mommy howling in pain, and Nate told me I was over-reacting.  “I didn’t touch you, what are you wailing about?”

Um, you landed ON MY ANKLE was all I told him.  And then I hobbled around for show, and promptly forgot about it.For the last few weeks, I have been kicking ass on the treadmill three mornings a week.  I am logging miles (3 of them!) each time I get on the machine, and I’m feeling good.  Mostly.

My lower-leg portion of my ankle has been a problem, but one that felt fine for the most part.  It hadn’t been a problem while I was running, only aching for a few moments later on.Last week, I was helping Nate move some of our enormously heavy lawn furniture so he could mow (this is why God invented patios).  I hefted a chair up, moved it 5 feet, and was just about to set it down when the twirly pedestal part swung around and smacked me in the shin.  I dropped the chair and started howling in pain.  Laura cracked up and Nate told me I was over-reacting.Since that time, my leg has ached and throbbed almost constantly.  Except when I running.

I logged some really solid workouts this past week.  My body is really starting to look great.  Which is perfect, because I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend.  Perfect, except that I won’t be running in 3-inch heels with my floor-length dress during the wedding.  Nate finally got the picture last night when he grabbed the foot on my hurt leg to give it a little rub.  A sweet gesture, but one that started me howling in pain again.  “Is your leg still hurting?  Looks like a high-ankle sprain.”So this week?  I’m taking some time off the…

A sweet gesture, but one that started me howling in pain again.  “Is your leg still hurting?  Looks like a high-ankle sprain.”So this week?  I’m taking some time off the treadmill and will opt for some upper-body workouts instead.  I’m wearing my sneakers to work every day.  I’m popping Advil like a druggy.  I’m trying to keep my hurt ankle elevated.  I will look hot in those heels.  And next week, I can finish my recovery.