Tiny blessings that come hidden in rejection

Rejection. Failure. Losing. Nobody strives for this. There’s not one athlete that’s setting out to lose, there’s no entrepreneur whose goal it is to go bankrupt. But like some act of heavenly mercy, there is a lot of positives found in negatives, and successful people actually often are preaching the Gospel that value is to be found in failure. But let’s look at some tiny blessings that come hidden in rejection…

Denis Waitley expressed this so well. He said: ‘Failure is supposed to be our teacher and in no way our undertaker. Failure is merely delay; in no way defeat. Failure is a short detour, in no way a dead end street. Failure is a phenomenon that can only be avoided if we say nothing, do nothing and are nothing.’

Successful persons’ marks lie in how they respond to negative situations. They are licking their wounds yet don’t quit the battlefield. They will find strength through their scars. Check out the following six blessings to soften and deal with failure, losing, and rejection.

You can clarify all your passions

A lot of people are struggling with making decisions. People creative minds usually are having their hand in multiple projects, but even jacks-of-all-trades understand that there are limits as to how thin you’ll be able to spread yourself.

Uncover your new skills

Facing severe challenges and dealing with loss will compel you to discover new resources and to develop skills you never thought you could master. When we see some cases that involve ‘hysterical strengths, for example when somebody is lifting a vehicle off a trapped person, it is actually this negative situation that’s unleashing the adrenaline spike that’s needed to be able to act beyond someone’s usual capability. Just climb that mountain. Also, if they all say you can’t.

Burn away arrogance and pride

There’s nobody who is immune to arrogance and pride. If you’d say you’re beyond arrogance and pride is somewhat…well…let’s say arrogant and prideful. Losing and failure form the glass of water to swallow that bitter pill of arrogance and pride. Make sure you’ll have a good to-do-list that also includes lesser-pleasant work. But bear in mind that these unpleasant processes give birth to virtue and humility, and these characteristics are among the best and most profitable anybody could have.

You’ll get an elephant’s skin

Thai fighters can be breaking baseball bats through their kicks.  They endure continuous tiny fractures in their legs from all the hours they put into kicking heavy bags, and their legs will get filled with calcium, which results in unusual bone density, comparable to the way muscle tissue grows due to training in a gym.

The old saying is true, pain brings gain, and anyone who’s pursuing their dream must be prepared to deal with criticism, haters, and rejection. Each punch you’ll get thrown your way will teach you that pleasing everyone is impossible and that the problem is laying with them, and soon impact caused by the punches will ease. Just don’t label other persons. I’ve labeled myself enough already and honestly, it’s no use!

The ‘what if?’ question is gone

If you ask yourself ‘what if?’ you may end up staring out of the window for hours in a row. If through this sort of curiosity you’ve only learned that you boarded the wrong train, your failure may be the perfect blessing to get you in the right direction. Under Pressure lyrics? That’s how you fix it! No longer will you stay up all night wondering about those other options. Too much curiosity may easily be crippling your awareness and consciousness to distract you from the things you should be doing in the first place. But there are times that learning from your nagging is the best way to shut it up.

You will better appreciate success

When you’re faced with difficulty, the meaning and value of things will become clearer. Just look at my project for homeless children I managed to get set up before Christmas. Don’t forget that the greatest victories happen at the roughest and toughest battles. You’ll learn that realizing your dreams isn’t only butterflies and rainbows. Your journey will also include moments that you need dust yourself off and get back on your feet. After these experiences you will definitely be more likely, when you encounter success, to express a bit more gratitude.