Chronic Morning Headaches and Sleep Posture

A headache is not the most ideal sensation to experience, but if a sufficient ruckus is somewhere nearby you are almost guaranteed to feel a slight pulsating in your head. Headache remedies can range from taking some over the counter medications to applying a cold compress to your head.

Even a discounted Hitachi magic wand massager or similar oscillating massager can provide for effective relief. In most cases, these are more than sufficient to quell the discomfort. However, someone who suffers from chronic headache might not be fully satisfied with these suggestions.

Waking up every morning to a headache can be incredibly frustrating, for the sole reason that you can’t recall anything you may have done to trigger the symptoms. As far as you’re concerned, you may have had a very low key day without any particular irregularities.

Before formulating any of your own conclusions, you should first have a visit with a doctor. They can determine whether the matter requires further inquiry through special diagnostics like a CAT scan. If everything checks out, they will likely send you on your way telling you to shrug it off as it will eventually pass.

If this explanation doesn’t satisfy you, you should take a careful look into your sleeping posture. Never mind investing in low price Hitachi magic wand massager attachments or other accessories to try and quell the pain when you can target the source instead.

While you may feel perfectly content with the quality of sleep you’ve been getting, other parts of your body such as your neck and lumbar area may feel otherwise. Morning headaches are often triggered by improper neck support during sleep.

What exactly constitutes poor neck support? For one, you overall sleeping posture. You shouldn’t be burying your face in the pillow but instead allowing it to contour around your neck for support. Furthermore, you may be utilizing far too many pillows in an effort to improve your sleeping comfort. You only really need one pillow to provide your neck ample support. If you feel that it is failing to accomplish this task, go out and invest in another one.

Instead of purchasing a regular feather pillow, consider a foam one that provides much firmer support. It may take a few days before you notice the results of your improved sleep posture, but once the signs begin to manifest you will be impressed with how much of a difference a few small changes can make.

However, don’t stop there! Your neck might be getting adequate support during the daytime as well, such as when you’re in the office or car. Get a neck support pillow that can be strapped to high backed chair as a further precaution.

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