Cornell To Do List Experiment

Have you noticed I’m a to-do list affiliate? Seen that white and blue square box below? Some weeks ago I bought the ebook. My first impression? Well isn’t this nicenfor my Cornell To Do List Experiment?

Todoodlist = To-do list + Mindmap


That’s the to-do list for the next academic year in a nutshell, and what captivated me in the first place. I knew mind mapping since my earlier seminary years but now at Cornell, things are slightly different. Then I used the technique to help me understand Philosophy, Theology and prepare essays. Later as a high school teacher, I used it to prepare classes, and even for presentations and now, pursuing my Master’s in Education, it totally different gain. But then again, at both tasks the mindmaps were successful.

So I liked it enough to choose it to be one of the firsts products I’d promote in my newbie blog.

But I did not try it myself.

I love David’s Allen GTD. I spent quite a time learning it and acquiring the discipline to implement it. It worked for me so well I was almost infected with inventories. I love GTD as if I had invented it myself. So who wants to change?

Now I am mending my ways.

I felt a little guilt at recommending a product I wasn’t using, so I read Todoodlist again, this time with more care. What I found is that to-do list is not a complete system like GTD, or Leo Babauta’s Zen to Done but a series of strategies and tools that can be added to any system.

So I told myself, let’s give it a try and then post the results. What worked, what didn’t and why. I started yesterday.

Defining the experiment.

  1. I am implementing only 1 of the Todoodlist book strategies, the one that gives the ebook its name.
  2. I am using the Todoodlist only for my project lists, including my Maybe/Someday project lists.
  3. The experiment will last two weeks, and I will update my findings at least weekly, so expect another by next week.
  4. If I think it sucks I will be honest and tell you. Also when it makes me feel too uncomfortable to sleep which I usually do very well!
  5. If I think it’s great I will be sharing.
  6. In both cases, I will tell you why.

This is all folks, now I have to update my first to-do list because this first post is over. The second one will be coming soon enough on Monday, detailing how I am integrating the whole thing into my system.

100 Good News

First of all, today my weight is officially ..:: 100 ::.. kilograms, and I want you all to join in celebration. I have lost more than 10 kilos and the good thing is that I do not feel discouraged or tired in any bit. For the first time in my life, I don’t feel I am “still” holding the diet, for just one more week. I am dieting for life, and I believe that attitude has made the difference. This really is about the science to keep my weight in control!!!

Secondly, I’m working on my first true “blog-novel” (I adore the term blook). It will not be an ordinary novel released in a blog, but something written specifically as a blog. So I will be using hyperlinks, images, media, and even will try to involve readers in the comment.

“Call it Freedom”, as it would be called, will be set in a dystopic future in which slavery has made a legal return to the world. Ruben and Jonathan, both 12, none black (race is an issue I am not dealing with in this novel)  slaves of the Sea Life Research Center are sent to research work in a Pacific atoll. There they would have to care for a pack of dolphins and help in the project of developing the animals’ intelligence to near-human levels. Things get a little hot when the animals start to understand their roles and the children’s.

And I’m not revealing any further.

Third, from now on, all the content in this blog of which I am an author is un-copyrighted. That means you can take it and republish as you wish, in full or in part, translated and or improved. A link would be nice, a donation to Iorphan great, but that’s up to you. That un-copyright does not extend to any other blog, project, novel, etc… even if I make reference to them in this blog. (So “Cry it Freedom” is not un-copyrighted). {Volunteers to correct my funny English would be appreciated}

Fouth. Thanks again to all the participants in yesterday’s frenzy and regular readers. You all rock. I hope Holly and her publisher will find the success they deserve. And while the world seems to be in serious trouble everywhere, I’m talking about this kind of…

Fifth. Finally, I am raising the standards of this blog. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Sixth. Do you have anything to share?