Coupon Legend

Blinkie?  Peelie?  Are you scratching your head wondering what they mean?

It can all be a little overwhelming when you are just getting started using coupons.  The coupon match-ups on The Centsational Saver use abbreviations that assume you already know what they mean.

Thankfully a few readers brought this to my attention and asked me to provide a little more detail on what those abbreviations mean so I’ve created a coupon legend to help you. Following is a list of coupon lingo that you might see used on my site and others. For future reference, it will be permanently located on my Couponing 101page.

Smart Source newspaper insert. You’ll find this in your Sunday paper.
Red Plum newspaper insert.  You’ll find this in your Sunday paper.
Proctor and Gamble newspaper insert.  Comes out once a month.  You’ll find it in your Sunday paper.
Cash Register Tape coupon that prints at the end of your receipt.
Coupon that prints out from a separate machine when you’ve completed your purchase.
Coupon that is dispensed from a small blinking machine attached to a grocery store shelf.
Coupon that is attached to a product but can be peeled off and redeemed.
Printable or IP = Internet Printable coupon that can be obtained from visiting a website.

Digital coupon that can be electronically loaded to your shoppers card.  The coupon is automatically deducted at the register when you swipe your shoppers card.

How to Lose Cellulite – Some Tips

Skin changes as men and women undergo a lot of changes with their age and hormones. Cellulite is a skin change, most of the times occur in postpubertal women, rarely affects men too. Hormones, problems with the fat cells in your body or toxins mixing with your bloodstream are the commonly known causes for cellulite to appear. However, there is no scientific proof or definition given specifically as a cause yet. If you are trying to find out ways to lose cellulite, go ahead and read this article completely.

Have you ever wondered why women are affected with these cellulite issues than men? You need to understand the different ways fat cells work in men and women. The inflexibility in women’s connective tissue expands the fat cells when they put on weight due to pregnancy, etc., If you keenly notice, cellulite appear in arms, thighs, pelvic areas and at times in the butts, where the muscle density is high. When the fat cells expand the muscles, they move upwards looking at the skin surface and give orange peel appearance.

In men, connective tissue is flexible enough to hold the fat cells in place. As well, compared to women, men have thicker skin, especially the outer layer of their skin. Thickness in the outer layer of men’s skin hides the changes happening inside with the fat cells. Since the excess fat and the way they react is the reason for cellulite to appear, you need to work on removing the excess fat. There are natural ways you can burn excess fat by keeping a balanced diet and practicing regular workouts.

You need to check how your metabolism works. Diet rich in fiber can help your digestive system to work well. Avoid eating deeply fried food, fast foods and any other food that takes higher time to get digested. You should also keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough liquids, water, and juices. Do not skip breakfast. Instead, lessen the quantity of food you take for lunch and dinner.

It is very important to give time to the meal you ate at one time to get digested before stuffing your stomach with another course again. If the natural methods don’t help, you can consider liposuction methods to remove excess fat. For example, arm liposuction can help to reduce excess fat and so to lose cellulite in your arms.