Newsies Songs – a roleplaying game

Hi, I did it again. Another huge project, not that huge at the Unhomeless script and also nothing compared to Newsies songs, but certainly a demanding one. And, for a change, I’m not setting up any deadline for this project, only that I want it available to the public by Christmas.

So what’s this project about? A traditional, pen-and-paper, roleplaying game with influences and inspiration from Horatio Alger, Dickens, Victor Hugo, Jules Verne and Mark Twain. You know, in a roleplaying game you pretend to be someone else, usually fighters, wizards, clerics, and thieves. Only in this game, you could be a newsboy or newsgirl from 1890 to 1910, living on your own in the fictional city of New Paris, USA.

A game about homeless orphan children with no super powers nor magic, who could write that? Me. And that’s good, writing about your obsessions because one tends to know one thing or two about your favorite theme. Only that this time I’m not only writing it, I’m producing the whole thing. Once everything is ready, I’m publishing it both as an ebook and an ebook + book bundle at a higher price of course. I’ve contacted a few illustrators, I’m spending some money, and I’ll have to pray.

You know, I was always saying my mom that if I ever won the lottery, I would set up a publishing house. Well, not the same, but this is the second time I could make one of my childhood wishes, true.

I guess that alone pays for the fears: lost money, a lot of work and facing terrible criticism. It could happen, and, of course, if the whole thing is a fiasco, I’m also compromising the reputation of my illustrator. I don’t feel any pressure, but if I will, I know how to handle that!

But do you know something? I know most people would not ever play a role-playing game about newsies. I accept that. Of course, the game would not be all about selling newspapers, that’s the heroes day job, so to speak. There could be mysteries, a-la Baker Street Irregulars, a hidden prince of Muntenia who finds refuge among the newsies from the assassins who would kill him, crooked politicians and revolts, strange things that lurk in the darkness, aliens or perhaps the quest to respectability just like in the Horatio Alger -optimistic- books.

I’m not setting any deadline because, first, I already have too much in my hands with the blog, the novel, the script and my day job :). And second, because I’m a complete newbie in this RPG publishing business. It all could be a huge failure, but if you are for any reason as absurd as the one pushing me to publish this game, you can follow my troubles on a blog I’ve set up just for this project. I do believe in science, but right now, that won’t help me so much. I just got to think how to deal with it best.

This all, sorry for this random post. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

Tough Mudder Bound!

Tonight at 3:30 am I will be grabbing my bag, getting in the car, and making a 4-hour drive to Jamboree in the Hills. There I will meet up with Bethany Lee, we will take a 25-minute shuttle bus, and arrive at that big scary obstacle race known as Tough Mudder.

Why we signed up for this race is neither here nor there. The relevance of the question “did I really train hard enough?” will go unanswered until I hit the finish line.
Right now, I’m just trying to go into my “race place,” calm, cool, strong…
Overall goal: finish without dying.
“Big Reach” Goal: finish uninjured.
I know it’s going to be a blast, I can’t believe it’s here already…

If you’re going to be at Tough Mudder Pittsburgh tomorrow, I will be the neon leopard, Bethany is Wonder Woman, I have a feeling we will be the two awkwardly milling around per-race. I’ve got my to-do list ready, but still…

I’m definitely nervous. I definitely have cold feet. I don’t know why anyone would willingly participate in such an event. Can someone please assure me everything is going to be OK??
Comment time! Will you be at Mudder tomorrow? Have you done one in the past? Any words of advice or encouragement?