Second Step to health: Daring Fun!

Welcome again for the second post on Steps to Health, written by someone who is no expert at anything. Just a fatty who decided to diet for life, to believe in himself. That attitude changed everything.

But we spoke about believing in the previous post. This one is about daring. This is when we actually find there are fifty barbs to every rose. This when we fail, and try again until we finally succeed. And we enjoy the ride!

That clock; you know the one that raises you up in the morning. This is just a bad time to start dieting as anyone. This hour is just filled of excuses as the next. Imagine you had a kid of twelve who is using alcohol. Now, exactly when would you like him to stop? Tomorrow? Next week, maybe? When school is over so he can feel less stress. After spring break so he looks “older” to the other kids?

Do you see my point? There will always be a rotten excuse; no matter if you are 12 or 120. Unfortunately for us adults, we have no dad and mom to help us straight.

So start today now, despite the stress at work. Start now despite you don’t feel 100% confident about you or anything. Start now despite you have tried everything and failed, and yet again. Just start now, for life, for ever.

Exercise fun.

Do you know what’s boring about we adults? Just everything. Just today I went to the park for a little race. You could see kids jumping, running with their arms extended as X-Wings, chasing imperial fighters; dodging trees, scaring pigeons; doing races against each other.

Do you know what the adults were doing? Those actually moving, I mean. A hint: this happened in a small island off the North West of Morocco. Any idea? No? Just jogging through the circuit as anywhere else. I don’t know about you but that’s boring.

So what can I do? The X-Wing thing? Lords of Cobol, no!; I’m a Galactica, and I mean the real, old fashioned 80’s Galactica fan. So I picture myself in my Viper and run my imagination wild. I can jump; I do, I climb up stairs, and down. And boy it is fun! I confess I am not as expressive as a child; I actually care of what people think. Just not enough to be spoiled of all the fun.

So no, I’m not asking you to become a Peter Pan of sorts; just to have fun at your exercise. As simple as that. In that, running will become its own gratification; not just a tool to be healthy. Which it is, and a very effective one.

(BTW a Viper is better than an X-Wing because you don’t have to extend your arms to pretend you are flying it )

Courtesy LuckySundae CC -by -sa

Courtesy LuckySundae CC -by -sa

Food fun.

I will be brief, because I can’t possibly cover this issue on a section of a post. Just some ideas to spark your mind.

  • Go learn cooking.
  • If you work outside of your home, do Bento lunches. And if you are able to make them like these ones, your young kids will kiss your footprints in adoration.
  • For the love of everything that is worthy on this world; don’t you ever believe you don’t like veggies. You just have not discovered which ones you like. There are thousands of varieties out there; there are some you just will love.
  • Did you know that mushrooms are your friends? (Read practically calorie free sauces…)

In short, you are now living a healthy life, not serving a sentence, not punishing yourself for your crimes, not trying to be perfect. You are on your road to be happy. Seize every opportunity.

Note to parents: if your kids need to diet remember this one too. A diet should never be a punishment, for being too fat, just what you have to do to be happier.

I have only scratched the surface of this one, but my word count indicates this post is over, so I’m leaving the finishing touches up to you. Do you know any fun ways to be and stay healthy?