Writer’s report, 15 thousand words

My novel is increasing speed and I hope to break the 15 thousand words mark by today, which would be around the 25% word count of the total novel. The third chapter is about to be finished and I have loved every minute of it.

Today I will share just three quick points: a) my next step, b) an incredible event of serendipity and c) a word of encouragement, you’ll love that one, and it’s not just for writers.

My next step

Once I finish the third chapter I will have to make some modifications to my novel’s “bible”. You’d remember that from my previous post, a document which organizes all the information regarding my project. First, the chapter summaries will have to be rewritten to reflect what I actually wrote instead of what I planned to.

You see, I plan, but then I’m flexible, I let the story and the characters “tell me” what they need. Then I will work on with the master summary, that will not need so huge modifications; it’s still the same basic story after all. Finally, I will update my novel’s timeline and the characters and location files, making also note of the things that need attention.

Then, and only then, I will be ready to write Chapter 4’s summary and go to the real meat of writing. I know, it does seem like a lot of accountancy paperwork, but trust me, it is an investment of time that does pay in the long run.


When Bud Hennekes from A boundless world asked me that dreaded question, what’s your novel about, on twitter, my answer had to be simple. Twitter’s 144 characters make you go to the point, which is fortunate. So I gave it a thought and answered: Healing the World.

So, just last week, John Sobrino a top theologian comes and visits my island to give a conference on how to humanize the world. You bet I went. No, I do not agree with everything he said, but he had some interesting ideas, specially on how ignorance and lies are the cause of much injustice in the world.

I am a believer in that art should dialogue with science, philosophy, theology and culture at large, to be then able to speak to the world. It might seem a bit too much when you write a Young Adult novel; but I am of the strange opinion that a 13 years old has a mind that deserves respect.

OK, back to my point. It’s like magic, I’m working on my dreams, and then, et voila, out of nothing, like if God had something to do with it, an opportunity to learn and improve it. Ins’t life great?

Encouragement: Joy, joy and more joy

Have you ever heard that all you need to be succesful in your field are 10 thousand hours of work. Well, it’s true. Sorry.

But what if 10 thousand hours of work are, also, 10 thousand hours of joy? That’s exactly how I’m feeling. Of course, not every hour it’s that great, but that’s the overall picture today.

Go work on your dreams, love your work, be proud of it. Soon your work will love your dreams.

Do you have any great dreams? Sharing them can be the first step towards making them true.