You Have 905 Days Left

On December 4, I began the “101 things in 1001 days” challenge – so far so good although I just remember I skipped breakfast and that’s one of my things not to do… I’m just gonna pick a few out and say why I’m doing them, and hopefully, you can share some of your “things”.

Do more volunteer work Right now I am involved in helping people prepare for the GED test, I do chat with them and answer emails once a week when they have questions about their educational challenges. But I want to do more, I would like to increase my work with and be active at least 3-4 times a week.

Spend 3 hours a day with my mom for 365 days (0/365) – I live with my parents so seeing my mom isn’t a problem, spending time with her is. Sometimes I forget that my dad works nights and isn’t downstairs keeping her company, so while I sit up here procrastinating to the best of my ability, she’s downstairs on her own.

And it makes me feel bad. 3 hours a day may not seem a lot but once I’m down there, it turns into 4, and then 5 etc. So yeah, mom time is the key.

Get a job in theater/marketing 6 months after graduating – This can’t begin until August 2018 but it’s still got to be there! My friend graduated in August 2017 and still hasn’t got herself a job – she’s not a bum, she just chose to study something that everyone wants to do, so the market is flooded with these particular graduates. So this is clearly my competitive streak coming out by trying to beat her.

Watch 10 films that I would rate 5* (0/10) – It’s been a very long time since I saw a film that really caught my attention and made me sit up. My favorite film is from 1976 – Go Rocky – and most of my top rated films are from the 1990’s, so it’s about time someone made a decent frickin’ movie and showed it to me… I’ll be waiting right here.

Visit Sophie 3 times (0/3) – When Sophie was buried in her hometown, I told myself I had to keep up regular visits to her family and friends, and her. This turned out to be a lot harder than I imagined. We lived together at university, but our hometowns were about 2.5 hours away from each other and it’s hard.

Her friends from home are able to go every week to put flowers down and chat with her, but I haven’t been since August. I must make this a priority because if I don’t it could cause all kinds of upset, and I’d love to see her family again especially her nan who said some exceptionally kind words to me at her funeral.

Don’t buy a new gadget for a whole year – Big problem. Last year I went through three iPod’s, and that wouldn’t be as bad if they had been upgrades on previous ones. But no, I went from an iPod touch to an iPod nano, and then back to an iPod touch.

Why did I do this? I like to have something that looks pretty, and friends normally influence the purchase. My first Touch was purchased purely because I wanted one and could afford it. My nano was purchased because Jonny had one, and I wanted one.

My second Touch was purchased because Nic had one, and I wanted one. I could go on. This year there will be no new iPods for me, not even if my friend has one… perhaps.

Video blog 5 times (0/5) – After seeing Jenn do so well with her blog challenge I got the bug! I like the idea of rambling on in front of a camera and trust me, I can ramble – I might actually get on to the Olympic Committee and suggest a new event – talking.

Gold medalist right here! So there may be some vlogs coming soon – I can’t say when because I don’t know, but the idea is in my head – the seed has been planted, God help you people.